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about Adiya Pharma


We equipped to create packaging to meet the pharma industry needs

Adiya pharma works with leading pharmaceuticals companies to provide packaging that meets the industry strict and high quality requirements and delivery timelines. Adiya is equipped to create packaging to meet the pharma industry needs. We’ve helped dozens of companies reduce their packaging cost and lower their overall impact on the environment. Give us a shout and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that suits your shipping needs. Adiya uses the latest and most sophisticated folding system to meet with the growing medical industry's’ demands.

we understand the need for strong leadership and management bandwidth to sustain our momentum and innovation led to competitiveness. We, therefore, lay great emphasis on uncovering and encouraging entrepreneurial and leadership qualities within the organization. We are passionate about our work and if you share our passion, the opportunities at Adiya are immense for you. ADIYA’s location in the hub of USA’s leading pharmaceutical industries, gives it an advantage to deliver products with quick turnarounds.


Adiya has the ability to offer quality products catered to the customer’s specifications.

Adiya understands that the only path to reach the goal of being the preferred choice in the market is through excellence in quality and customer satisfaction.

we offer

  • Outserts
  • Inserts
  • Package Inserts (PIS)
  • Leaflets