We produce outserts of all types and sizes. Outserts can convert small folds into a destination. Adiya has made a reputation as a standard for quality and service for pharmaceutical outsourcing. Our pharmaceutical outserts meet the developed needs to deliver information to customers and medical professionals.

Continuous growth in the pharmaceutical industry has led to a demand for outserts with more content. Adiya’s right turn angle outserts (RTA’s) offer a perfect combination of large paper sizes with a small and compact outsert.


Adiya’s inserts can be printed with colors on both sides and folded in various configurations including parallel, right angle and knife folds.

Our customers with the ability to add pharmaceutical inserts can be custom designed to accommodate almost any packaging. And we are successfully meeting the requirements of our clients by manufacturing and supplying the best quality range of Pharmaceutical Inserts. This insert is used in drug litigation claims by claimants. Our best quality packaging materials at a most competitive price from a renowned manufacturer and exporter.

Package Inserts

Adiya has consistently exceeded the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturers, earning its role as a go-to production facility for package inserts. which have become the standard for providing information in the pharmaceutical industries for Package Inserts, that is folded to a small size and are inserted inside a carton box alongside a related medicine.


Our state of the art inspection ensures consistency in quality and text matching to customer requirements. Our machine can cater to a range of sizes in leaflets as well as multiple languages.