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Adiya Pharma, We Are Committed To Serve Our Customers So They Can Stay One Step Ahead When Producing High Quality Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Products For Their Markets. Adiya Pharma Is An Emerging Company Specializing In Secondary Packaging Requirements Of Folded Medical Literature For The Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Industry.

Our Customers Expect Uncompromising Quality, Innovation And Reliability And We Make Sure They Get No Less. We Specialize In Secondary Packaging Components For The Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Industries. Our Services Include Outserts And Inserts. ADIYA Adheres To Quality Controls Which Meet With Industry Standards.

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Adiya Uses The Latest And Most Sophisticated Folding System To Meet With The Growing Medical Industry's’ Demands.

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We Understand The Need For Strong Leadership And Management Bandwidth To Sustain Our Momentum And Innovation Led To Competitiveness.

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Adiya understands that the only path to reach the goal of being the preferred choice in the market is through excellence in quality.

3-ply and N-95 face masks have been tested to achieve a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of ≥ 96%. In order to determine the level of protection that a mask can give, organizations like Nelson Labs perform two tests, known as Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Differential Pressure (Delta P) tests.

A BFE test determines the percentage of particles that are filtered out from a tested product by comparing the bacterial control counts upstream and downstream of the given product. A Delta P test determines the breathability that a mask presents by using a manometer to measure the differential pressure on either side of the product.

Rest Assure – Adiya Pharma’s team of skilled professionals provides assistance with all your Face Mask needs. 

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