Are face masks hurting your ears?

Face masks hurting your ears? These easy solutions can help!

Face Covers are an essential in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, a protective mask has become a common object of use to contain virus transmission. Masks with elastic loops are the ones most common.

Masks are an essential part of protecting yourself and others from coronavirus, but that doesn’t make them any easier to wear. Now many of us are dealing with an unfortunate side effect: discomfort on our ears.

The elastic loop that wraps around the ears put pressure on those ears, pulling against them. Those loops that keep your face mask in place can put a lot of pressure on your ears and aggravate your skin, but there are a few ways to prevent that…

Why do masks bother ears so much?

As we’re wearing masks out in public on a regular basis, we’re quickly realizing that they can be uncomfortable.

These elastics cause constant compression on the skin and, consequently, on the cartilage of the auricle, leading to painful lesions of the retroarticular skin when the masks are used for many hours a day.

Children have undeveloped auricular cartilage with less resistance to deformation; prolonged pressure from the elastic loops of the mask at the hollow or, even worse, at the antihelix level can influence the correct growth and angulation of the outer ear.


Is ear irritation from face masks inevitable?

Preventing ear irritation while wearing a face mask can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Nonwoven fibers are gentler on the skin than synthetics twist yarn. Some face masks have flexible fabric that is much more comfortable than ear loop is found on most masks. If you’re going to be wearing your mask for an extended period of time, these are much easier on your ears than ear loop.

Ideas to make Face Masks more comfortable on ears, and avoid Ear Discomfort with Pain

If the pressure of wearing a face mask hurts your ears, there are a few innovative products (Fabric elastic ear loop) to help ease discomfort.

Alternative to the ear loop face mask is the elastic fabric face mask, due to area pressure behind the ear is distribute, and more comfortable to ware with no pain on era.

Many scientific societies of pediatrics and pedagogy have raised doubts about the risks that this situation of forced constriction by Covid-19 can cause on the normal psychophysical development of children; however, it has never been pointed out how the use of surgical masks with ear loops can be harmful to the correct development of the auricle by permanently modifying the cartilage of the concha in growing children.

We are confident that highlighting this potential complication to those involved in the procurement of masks will stimulate the search for alternative solutions, while maintaining the possibility of legitimate prevention of the potential spread of the virus.

Choosing the best mask to protect you and others, according to new CDC guidelines.

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