What is Maskne?

ADIYA has special fabric layer that can reduce the Maskne

Almost every researcher, Doctor, and recent studies have accepted that wearing a face mask can help reduce the chances of contracting the coronavirus. We all have been following the advice to wear a mask when going out. But, most of us have faced many skin irritations and conditions due to wearing a face mask. The skin’s deteriorated condition was detected in 2020 when it was concluded that face masks cause Maskne. Wearing face masks for long hours causes skin irritations, acne, produces more oil around the face and mouth, and can also dry your skin.

Wearing a mask regularly can have negative effects on our face’s skin. Maskne is Mask +Acne. The term Maskne has gained so much popularity on social media when many people started to have acne breakouts, irritations, and rashes all over their faces. These skin problems were caused because of the mask that we normally wear. Normal masks which are single-use surgical masks and N95 masks are made from polypropylene, this plastic material holds heat, humidity, and sweat under the mask which causes bacteria, yeast, and other germs that are responsible for pimples and acne around the face and mouth. For people who are already facing many skin issues, Maskne worsens the situation further for them. As wearing a mask is an important part of our daily routine, we can’t avoid it and also can’t take the risk of not wearing a mask when going outside.

So, what is the solution to prevent Maskne?
As we have to wear face masks for the time being. We can’t risk ourselves taking off the mask. The only solution to this problem is to wear the new type of mask that doesn’t cause Maskne. ADIYA pharma uses non-woven fabric in the mask that is unique, high-tech, engineered fabrics made from fibers that can reduce the Maskne and is not harmful to your skin.

Rest Assure – Adiya Pharma’s team of skilled professionals provides assistance with all your Face Mask needs. 

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