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Our innovative pharmaceutical Outsert Insert make it easy to put a wealth of information into the hands of the right people. We turn multiple outserts into a single component for easy dissemination of important instructions to patients, pharmacists, or medical professionals.

Every year it seems like a pharmaceutical Outsert Insert is required to include more information in a readable format folded into the tiniest of containers. Our pharmaceutical Outsert Insert can be custom designed to accommodate almost any packaging. Our advanced on-site printing, folding, stacking and gluing equipment, combined with our attention to detail and quality control, guarantees your complete satisfaction.

Print and Folding Services for Outsert & Package Insert

Pharma Package Outserts are known as circulars, brochures, monographs and patient package inserts.

ADIYA prints and folds package outserts, which are applied to bottles during solid-dose filling operations. Outserts are used on automatic packaging lines and are folded to a variety of finished sizes. Outserts can be designed as an RTA style (right angle outserts) or strip-style outserts. Package outserts are supplied in tray packaged and mechanically counted and labeled for full lot traceability.


Pharmaceutical Package Insert (PIs)

Pharmaceutical Package Insert is a document included in the package of a medication that provides information about that drug and its use. For prescription medications, the Pharmaceutical Package Insert is technical, providing information for medical professionals about how to prescribe the drug.

Medication package insert for prescription drugs often include a separate document called a “patient package insert” with information written in plain language intended for the end-user—the person who will take the drug or give the drug to another person, such as a minor. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determines the requirements for patient package inserts.

The package insert includes details and directions that health care providers need to prescribe a drug properly, including approved uses for the drug, contraindications, potential adverse reactions, available formulations and dosage, and how to administer the drug.


ADIYA works to turn your ideas into quality pharmaceutical print products that work for you, our full-service, pre-press department will make your ideas come to life. With the latest in state-of-the-art graphic programs, servers, and computer-to-plate equipment, we are ready to take on your pharmaceutical Outsert Insert project.

ADIYA For Pharmaceutical Outsert & Insert

At ADIYA Pharma our goal is to give you the best possible product in the least amount of time. To ensure superior color consistency and quality.

Our RTA (Right Turn Angle) outserts are presented in a variety of formats to meet Patient needs. This literature can be produced in a number of different formats with up to 266 panels and fold down to as small as to as small as1 1/8” x 1 1/8”.

Bindery For Pharmaceutical Outsert & Insert

Every year, pharmaceutical companies and medical device (biotech) manufacturers are required to include more and more information in a readable format. In order to design and produce a print product that fits your product’s specific packaging and informational needs.

High Quality Pharmaceutical Outsert & Insert

We are committed to quality every step of the way for each and every project. Each time we produce pharmaceutical insert outserts, we maintain full documentation of your print materials and base our quality on cGMPs standards. A dedicated quality assurance team reviews the first article of each production run, and every sequential step is scrutinized under quality control checkpoints. We stand behind our product 100%.

Security For Your Pharmaceutical Outsert & Insert

ADIYA Pharma is concerned about protecting your pharmaceutical insert outsert, product, and proprietary property. Our facilities are access-controlled while highly secured areas have internal access control for added security. All entrances and exits are observed and recorded by closed circuit cameras.

In addition, ADIYA provides our customers with the ability to add a unique code or serial number on each outsert in both one and two-dimensional format i.e. Pharmacode, Datamatrix, and Quick Response codes.

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