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We are a professional design team and we will create label designs for your products that your customers can recognize you by. With our experience and our skills, we will ensure that you hit your goals through the label designs that we craft for your business.

If you want to increase your brand recognition and repeat customers, we’re here to help you grow!

What Is Packaging Label Design?

Attractive Package label design is the most commonly seen stickers on any product. The product labels are an insight into the product itself and so hold very high importance for the product. Eye-catching product Label Design is the main part of the packaging of the product.

Attractive label design with an appropriate look and feel is the pathway to testing and trying a new product. We work for ambitious leaders to build brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences and innovate new brand-led products and services.

At ADIYA we take charge of your entire label design projects to launch your product. Our team of expert’s design packaging labels after studying your product and analyzing the competitors in order to grab the attention of customers.

We understand that great service is equally important to quality and price. We keep ourselves updated with the latest labeling trends in different industries across the world and guide our customers in developing the right label for their product. We are packaging design agency providing truly integrated services in each and every market segment. We as well offer the best Packaging Box Design services.

ADIYA Product Label designing services that will take your breath away!

When doing label designing, our team of designers is driven by three main principles :

  • Eye catching colors: The more eyes catching the color, the better. It’s important for the product to be noticed even from far, even if it’s placed at a lower or semi hidden shelf.
  • Readable Fonts : It’s estimated that three seconds is the time that a product has to attract the eye of any consumer walking down the market aisle. Only products with readable and clearly written text have the best chances to make an impact on the consumers.
  • Logo: The better the product logo is incorporated, the better the chances for the product to be noticed and picked up from the shelf. What a creative package design can do to a product is something that not a hundred marketing campaigns can. If the product so to say “speaks” when placed in market shelves, you have hit the jackpot. If that “speak” is supported with quality, you can be sure that you will cash in the jackpot much sooner than expected. These few lines explain well enough the true meaning of a unique, professionally designed package design. So, if you want such an alluring package design, get in touch with the professionals at Logo People right away!

Our Packaging Label Design Service Features

  • Quality service with competitive pricing
  • Develop and execute creative ideas
  • Consistent in our quality and timely delivery
  • Working on innovative ideas to enhance and promote the corporate brand image
  • Conceptualizing the package logo design

ADIYA For Pharmaceutical Outsert & Insert

At ADIYA Pharma our goal is to give you the best possible product in the least amount of time. To ensure superior color consistency and quality.

Our RTA (Right Turn Angle) outserts are presented in a variety of formats to meet Patient needs. This literature can be produced in a number of different formats with up to 266 panels and fold down to as small as to as small as1 1/8” x 1 1/8”.

ADIYA Offers Label and Logo Services

Our In-House Private Label Creation Service Helps Your Products Stand Out

Labels are among the most important parts of making your supplement product stand out on crowded shelves in specialty shops where they are most likely to be purchased by your target demographic.

We offer logo creation! If you don’t have your own vector-based .eps or Adobe Illustrator .ai file, our Marketing Services Department will be more than glad to help you.

Naturally, you do not pay any design fees if you supply your own logo artwork. To ensure great quality for every order, however, we are required to review your work and make sure that it will meet the basic image size and clarity requirements of our process.

We pride ourselves on excellent Full Label Creation that will help your products to stand head and shoulders over the rest in an increasingly saturated marketplace. You already know labels are critical to making sure your product offers a professional and compelling look.

When you choose Full Label Creation, you’ll never have to worry about any aspect of the creative process. Let’s look at how your label will go from a concept to your product :

  • 1) Project Launch
    We provide you with an order confirmation and suggestions about what data would be most pertinent to include on your label. You review our suggestions and provide feedback for us to begin the process.
  • 2) Detailed Product Questionnaire
    To ensure your new label will meet all your requirements, we provide you with a thorough questionnaire. You can respond in as much or as little detail as you wish.
  • 3) Provide UPC Codes
    To finalize your label, we require your UPC codes. If you are supplying your own logo, you can supply the UPC at the same time. When your label is finalized, your UPC will appear in the right location with your other product data.
  • 4) Review Label Concept
    No more than three business days after the previous steps, we present your label concepts to you.
  • 5) Revisions On Client Request
    All of our label design packages include a single round of “minimal” revisions that do not require any additional fees from you. If the required revisions are extensive, we will let you know about any additional fees before moving forward.
  • 6) Ongoing Revisions as Required
    In rare cases, it may take more than one round of revisions to meet a client’s specifications. We will develop a fee schedule based on the changes to be incorporated and will be communicated clearly on a case-by-case basis.
  • 7) Final Versions
    Final versions are sent to client for approval. We must receive written approval before printing! A print-ready proof can also be provided for you upon request. To meet your timeline, it’s key that you respond promptly to drafts and communication.

Lightning Labels delivers unmatched benefits and value including :

  • Versatile printing capabilities
  • Quick turnaround for digitally printed orders (after proof approval)
  • Low minimums and no maximums
  • Superior quality and service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • No set-up fees, no plate fees, and no added fees for unlimited color on digitally printed orders
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