Own Brand

ADIYA PHARMA invites you to become a partner of the company and manufacture products under your own brand.

Our company has sufficient experience and necessary technologies to offer you a wide range of products that can compare favorably with competitors’ products.

Today, the production facilities of the company allow meeting the needs of both domestic and foreign partners.

Why choose us :

  • Only high quality raw materials
  • High product quality
  • Competitive prices

Why do you need it :

  • increase brand awareness
  • increase customer trust
  • be proud of your own products

We strive to be the best and understand that the success of our company is the success of our partners.

  • Face Masks
    Face masks are designed to protect your face from dirt, pollution, and other ills. The face mask provides the wearer with protection against dirt, dust, pollution, and other ills. There are many different types of face masks available depending on use-case such as medical treatment or as a protective measure against the elements.

  • Printed Tags
    Printed tags are one of the most cost-effective methods for marketing your company’s products. It enables you to place your logo on any type of consumer product, which is an opportunity to advertise your brand without spending a dime. Printed tags are also easy to distribute because they don’t require any packaging or excess containers.

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
    Pressure-sensitive labels or stickers on products help consumers to identify types of produce and freshness.

  • Regulatory Artwork
    ADIYA provides Regulatory compliant, content integrated, intelligence-driven artwork solutions. ADIYA caters designs for wide-variety of product categories which include digital as well as print; from packaging design to promotional designs related to the regulated industry. As a one-stop-shop solution for artwork creation and artwork management.
  • Label Design
    At ADIYA we take charge of your entire label design projects to launch your product. Our team of expert’s design packaging labels after studying your product and analyzing the competitors in order to grab the attention of customers.
  •  Surgeon Gowns
    ADIYA Surgeon Gowns are a standard range of traditionally stitched gowns, manufactured with 40 Gsm PP Spunbond or Laminated nonwoven. This range of gowns is fast moving and commonly used within most hospitals. The gowns can be supplied either non sterile in plain poly packs or in sterile pouches with ETO sterilization. ADIYA Surgeon Gowns are supplied commonly in a universal size of 130 x 150 cm, although sizes can be customized to the client’s requirements
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