3-Ply Comfort Elastic Ear Loop – For Kids


(10 Mask/Pack)

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3-Ply Comfort Elastic Ear Loop – For Kids

  • Very Soft SB+MB 95% Effective+High Tear Strength SB
  • 3 Layers Filter Dust, Pollen, Virus And Bacteria
  • Without Glass Fibers
  • Comfortable fabric latex free elastic ear loop
  • Very low Resistance for Breathing
  • High Filtration Capacity

Size : 145mm x 95mm
Used : Kids

COMFORT ELASTIC EAR LOOP- Premier 3-layer Procedure Face Mask with Comfort elastic Fabric ear loop provides comfortable wearing a long time.

MADE in USA – Our Mask are made by American employees in our facilities in PA, Using the advanced machinery our masks are being manufactured in a high-quality facility here in the USA. We precisely research and test our products while manufacturing and packaging, to ensure the ultimate satisfaction.

AMERICAN MATERIAL – Our materials are made by American employees in USA.

BREATHABLE 3 PLY PROTECTION – Designed with 3 layers of protection. 1st layer is a hydrophobic Non-Woven fabric for superior moisture defense. 2nd layer is made with a Melt-Blown high density filter fabric for maximum particle filtration. 3rd layer is a soft Non-Woven fabric that is easy on sensitive skin for lasting comfort.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Through rigorous testing we have provided a mask that is durable and lives up to the standards Americans deserve.

This mask is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. Our Face masks are not re-usable and are non-sterile. These masks are Latex-Free and Fiber Glass free with high quality fluid resistant material.

Our Made in American comfort elastic face mask is produced with soft, hypoallergenic materials for added comfort during extended use. A metal nose piece ensures the mask remains secure throughout your active day.

ADIYA Face Mask Available in Blue/White/Pink/Yellow/Black
ADIYA Face Mask Easier and quicker to wear than tie-on masks
ADIYA Face Mask Size: 195 mm x 95 mm or Kids 145 x 45 mm
ADIYA Face Mask with High Bacteria/Particle/Viral Filtration Levels (> 95%, > 98%)
ADIYA Face Mask Low Breathing Resistance (Delta P < 29, 4 Pa)
ADIYA Face Mask Fluid Repellent Masks available (3-Ply: Splash Resistance > 120 mmHg)

ADIYA Face Mask, use SMS on the outer layer providing a high level of fluid repellence and splash resistance. SMS is one of the most premium quality nonwoven fabrics manufactured and has inherent characteristics for fluid repellence and breathability. SMS masks are often used by the most prestigious of hospitals and institutions, provided in kits with SMS Gowns, SMS Caps and SMS Shoe Covers.

ADIYA Kids/Child masks are manufactured in a smaller size to the universal mask size. Surgical Mask face fit is very important for the user, to minimize air leakage and often kids have much smaller face dimensions then adults. This is dangerous and it exposes air leakage to the kids as well as outward transmission to the environment from the child. In order to make the masks less intimidating for children.

Rest Assure – Adiya Pharma’s team of skilled professionals provides assistance with all your Face Mask needs.



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