ADIYA KN95 Face Mask



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  • Highly efficient Filtration ≥ 97%
  • Adjustable Nose Clip
  • Five Layer & Three-Dimensional Protection
  • Medical Grade material used form USA manufacture
  • Optimal comfort

Size : 160mm x 107mm
Used : Adult

ADIYA KN95 Mask, is a high filtration particulate respirator mask with good breathability. The mask uses hypoallergenic technical textiles that are soft on the skin and cool, yet at the same time offer the highest possible level of particulate protection. The mask has extra soft latex free elastic ear bands for comfort and a malleable nose clip for an airtight fit.

ADIYA KN95 Face Mask Performance Features :

  • High Particle (0.26 m) Filtration Efficiency of > 95%
  • Low Breathing Resistance and cool
  • Ergonomic design for airtight face fit
  • Silky smooth hypoallergenic fabric
  • Soft comfortable elastic ear bands
  • Attractive colors and prints are available
  • Malleable and soft nose clip

KN95 Mask is the next generation of breathing protection. It’s a high-quality mask that’s 3x stronger and more effective than the competition.

KN95 masks will protect you and your loved ones from dangerous air pollution, including PM2.5 and chemical gas, while making you breathe easier at the same time.

Our masks feature filters that remove harmful substances, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, while offering a safe escape from air pollution dangers like cancer-causing benzene and toluene.

What good is a superhero if they can’t help you breathe? Dust and smoke from wildfires is wreaking havoc on the lives of people in the Western United States. With the KN95 mask, you can protect yourself from this dangerous air pollution.

Rest Assure – Adiya Pharma’s team of skilled professionals provides assistance with all your Face Mask needs.



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