Regulatory Artwork


ADIYA is a leading provider of artwork services & solutions for global life sciences industry – Pharmaceuticals Patient Insert/Outsert, Pharmaceuticals Medical Guide, Pharma Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and Consumer Healthcare.

ADIYA provides Regulatory compliant, content integrated, intelligence-driven artwork solutions. ADIYA caters designs for wide-variety of product categories which include digital as well as print; from packaging design to promotional designs related to the regulated industry. As a one-stop-shop solution for artwork creation and artwork management.

Importance of Artwork Management: Supporting Product Launch and Patient Safety

Producing artwork for the pharmaceutical is a significantly more disciplined process with the need for compliance, quality standards and validation which is of upmost importance.
Artwork as a function is critical as it enables a Pharma company in supporting product launch and patient safety.
Pharmaceutical product faces a tough test.

Reason to Hire Us


We Deliver Quality

We at ADIYA believe in delivering quality instead of quantity. Here less is more. We hire experts who have experience in their respective fields. We maintain consistency throughout all channels to give the best results.


Reasonable Solutions

We at ADIYA provide reasonable solutions and customize the package as per your requirements. Every penny saved is money earned. We provide economical yet quality services keeping your niche in mind.


Unique Ideas

We at ADIYA provide unique branding ideas. We believe every brand has a story and you need to convey the message to the audience. We charge for uniqueness and building a brand that tells a story.


Experience Matters

We at ADIYA have a highly experienced team in Branding and Art work design. The team leaders have enough on job experience to understand your need.

Artwork Production Services

Our end-to-end design and editorial services cover the areas of

  • Building specifications and drawings
  • Creation of artworks for new and existing packs

Our experienced pharma teams comprise dedicated project managers, highly trained QA professionals and re-branding management specialists. Their total understanding of specific requirements for the pharmaceutical industry ensures your complete satisfaction.

Our world class, quality driven artwork studio outsource service can integrate fully into your current workflow to provide the following services:

Inserts and Booklets

  • Cleaning up of text – remove extra words, lines, spaces and colors
  • Amend text flowing – as per template specifications
  • Manual/digital check
  • Create certified PDF


  • Execute annotations
  • Paginate as per template specifications
  • Create Braille, barcodes and material ID
  • Incorporate process color – PMS color or special color (special varnish, UV colors, security inks etc.)

Repro & Premedia Services

  • ADIYA Repro and Premedia services include
  • Prepress preparation work to customers’ specifications
  • Trapping, glue codes, step and repeat, ripping, 1-Bit TIFF delivery
  • Color management programs to various standards
  • Contract proofing (Digital, remote)
  • Press pass services
  • Print vendor auditing and ongoing control programs.

Packaging Services

  • Structural design
  • Pack and mock-up creation
  • 3D creation and rendering
  • Braille management

Creative Services

ADIYA skilled and experienced design teams deliver creative services that you need for your market.

We are well versed with your complex challenges of premium shelf space in the global marketplace. We understand you need effective packaging to comply with brand guidelines, regional and regulatory requirements. Consider your mission accomplished.


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