Digital Printed Labels


ADIYA Pharma provides customers with a wide range of label options by offering a variety of high-quality face stock, adhesive, liners, and inks. ADIYA constructs innovative label solutions providing value-added benefits to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Agro-Chemical, and Promotional markets through a diverse offering of products.

Digital label printing is ideal for a number of applications, allowing for specialized, small-run jobs at unsurpassed levels of quality. It rivals the finest offset or UV flexo printed products and can be supplied in any shape, type of paper, or film substrate.

Our in-house machines deliver high-speed production at up to 77 fpm. Such efficiency guarantees that your products can reach your customers faster than ever before. With our ability to make artwork edits digitally, our swift production rates, and our continued commitment to service, we can produce your vision for your product at record times.


  • Single or Multi-Layer Constructions
  • Extended Content Labels
  • Sheeted Labels with Intricate Die Cuts
  • Two-sided and Back Liner Printing
  • Internal Face Slits and Perforations
  • Barcode
  • Sequential Numbering
  • 100% Vision Inspection System

Sustainability with Digital Labels

With digital label printing, customers have the highest level of control over the labels they produce, saving both their budget and resources. Additionally, by increasing the economic viability of short and medium print runs, digital printing produces less overall waste, which helps clients to supplement their cost savings with a more sustainable printing process.

In fact, digital label printing allows us to consider the environment during every step of the production cycle. Digital presses can print on environmentally certified media, such as 100% recycled substrate, and are compatible with environmentally safe adhesives, primers, and biodegradable substrates.

Why Choose ADIYA for your Pharmaceutical Labels?

When you’re looking for the best in custom pharmaceutical labels, ADIYA is your best resource. Our customers say they choose us for our cutting-edge innovation and superior service. Working with us, you can count on exceptional engineering, responsive support. No matter your needs, we strive to make your packaging success

Our facilities offer digital label printing for a variety of businesses. With much of our clientele in the pharmaceutical industry, our label printing services uphold the highest of standards, including guidelines required by the FDA. Our printed labels offer a crystal resolution of 1200 dpi, with options to add varnishes and laminates to ensure that important product information remains clear to all customers. And, our fully-digitized production process allows for custom designs and artworks – all at an affordable price, yielding greater profits for your company.

Digital labels enable fresher, more relevant communication with consumers via quick changeovers and variable information printing. Printing on demand also dramatically reduces the costs associated with inventory and revisions. We’re at the forefront of the growth and evolution of digital printing. As the label-industry pioneer, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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